Windscreen Insurance Cover

What is a windscreen insurance cover?

Windscreen insurance is an add-on coverage to your main car insurance policy. It covers your front and back windscreen, all door glasses and ever your sunroof glass. Windscreen insurance will cover the cost needed to repair or replacement, having this add-on you will only need to pay your insurance access you do not need to pay for the whole repair or replacement cost yourself. This is useful not only because it is expensive to replace your windscreen, but also windscreens are the most susceptible part of your car to get damaged by flying objects. However, this add-on cover is not available for all types of car insurances. It is only available when you purchase a comprehensive plan. Read below to understand the 3 different types of car insurance plans.
Third Party Cover: Your insurance policy will pay for the damages you caused on others, such as damages to their cars or properties, their bodily injuries and death.
Third Party, (fire and theft): This is where your insurance policy covers not only everything that is covered by a third party policy, but also the cost of damages of your own vehicle due to fire and theft.
Comprehensive over: This is the most comprehensive type of car insurance policy where it covers all of the above, as well as covers your losses and damages on your own vehicle due to an accident. The only type of car insurance plan that offers windscreen cover.


Do I need windscreen cover?

The glass in your vehicle can be extremely expensive. Having the correct cover in place will ensure that you will not be left with a hefty bill should anything happen to it. Little ‘chips’ in your windscreen can be very common when driving on busy roads such as motorways. Vehicles travelling at high speeds can flick bits of debris up into the air and scratch and break the glass in your vehicle. If you ignore a little 'chip' then any sudden bump in the road could turn that ‘chip’ into a massive crack in the glass. They are easily repairable at the time so why run the risk of letting it develop into something worse?
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The Safest Day is Today
With even the smallest chip or crack compromising the safety of your vehicle, there’s never a good reason to delay. You could fail an MOT, suffer an accident due to reduced impact resistance or visibility, and you could certainly end up paying much more in the long run.