About us

About Quote My Windscreen

QuoteMyWindscreen was founded in 2019 by a small windscreen company and a website developer, We believe that QMW can connect customers to windscreen companies in a few easy steps and change the way customers receive quotes, we understand that some customers are unable to answer the phone or call companies while they are at work. So we created QMW to make the process easier and less time consuming. We are going to streamline the windscreen industry for both customers and windscreen companies which will make the whole process easier.

We designed QMW to connect local business with customers across the UK, we hope this service can help make booking a windscreen replacement easier and less time-consuming. we are taking the windscreen industry into the 21st century.

    Our Aim

  • Our aim is to be the bridge between windscreens companies and customers
  • If you are in need of a windscreen replacement or a windscreen repair, we are here for you, we can put you in touch with some of the most qualified and reliable windscreen companies within the UK.
  • QuoteMyWindscreen is a free to use service you can receive up to 3 quotes for your windscreen replacement within a couple of hours, we aim to help all customers receive the best service provide and the best possible quote available.
  • When QuoteMyWindscreen was launched there was a high demand for this service and within a couple of months QuoteMyWindscreen was already talked about by many companies across London, our goal was to take stress away from the customers by putting them in touch with most qualified windscreen companies within their area and make their day to day easier.
  • As you know, one of our seo used to own a windscreen company running out of London for many years, he saw that there was a gap in market for QuoteMyWindscreen, he saw that there so many companies, but very little work as the big corporations had the funds to advertise on a massive scale which means all the local companies only had a handful of work on a day to day bases, so QMW target is to Generate work for smaller companies on a daily base, the bigger QuoteMyWindscreen gets the more we can advertise the more work we can Generate.
  • Our aim for QuoteMyWindscreen is for it to be a central hub within the windscreen industry, so our companies can do everything they need all in one place, they can search for leads within their area, they can quote online they can fill the diary with jobs and create invoices and much more.
  • within the next couple of months QMW have so many features we are implementing into the site to make it run and perform better.

The system we designed helps customers understand the company before accepting the quote. Once your car glass has been fixed, the customer can then leave a review for the company that completed the work. Here at QMW we are looking into new ways of keeping the website updated and at the same time adding new features to the site to keep it fresh and current.